An Alternative to Expensive Small Business Bookkeeping and Accounting Software

For many self-employed people and small business owners, QuickBooks is overkill. The features are powerful, but sometimes it feels like you have to be a power user to understand how they work. Even if you only need the basic features, learning them takes time—a luxury most small-business people don't have.

For a more simple accounting solution,
consider Outright.

Outright is a QuickBooks alternative that’s simple but still meets basic small-business accounting needs. It’s an online accounting product that automates small-business accounting tasks, and it’s made to be easy so you don’t have to learn anything. If you’ve ever used Mint, think of Outright as Mint for business.

Here’s a quick overview of what Outright does:

Automates bookkeeping by securely pulling all of your accounts into one place, sorting your expenses from your income, and categorizing your transactions in the way the IRS expects.
Shows how your business is doing with simple yet powerful quick-view charts and graphs. There’s no deciphering confusing reports or weeding through data you don't care about.
Makes taxes easier by automatically keeping your bookkeeping up to date, showing what you owe in quarterly taxes, and notifying you of upcoming tax deadlines. And your accountant can review and edit your records from within Outright, so there’s no need to export or print files.

Outright is easy. No learning required.

If you look on Amazon, you’ll find several hefty how-to guides for QuickBooks. Even Intuit, the company that makes QuickBooks, publishes QuickBooks manuals for purchase. Outright is so simple you don’t need a book, a built-in Learning Center, or any of the learning aids QuickBooks often requires.

All you do is add your bank accounts (you can even add services like PayPal or eBay ) and Outright does the rest. For example, let's say you want to know how much you owe in quarterly taxes. Just click the Taxes tab, then the Quarterly Taxes link, and you’ll see an accurate estimate of what you owe so far and when it’s due. All of Outright’s features are made to be that simple.

QuickBooks Online versus Outright.

Intuit offers an online accounting solution called QuickBooks Online. Like Outright, it’s web-based software that utilizes cloud technology. Basically, that means you can access your account from any Mac or PC with an Internet connection. All of your financial data is stored safely “in the cloud” instead of on your computer.

The main difference between the two online products is that Outright 1) saves you time by automating accounting tasks and 2) it's easier to use. Outright also charges half as much to consolidate all your accounts, one of the most valuable features of online accounting.

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